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Dec 2019

Ep. 89 - Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

This week they gang finally discusses what the last eight episodes have led up to, the last most anticipated movie of the decade, 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. Do they love it, do they hate it, did they even watch it? Find out as well as get some results on Crowley-Rant Bingo, their rankings of all the Skywalker saga films, and Rob does an impression. At lease we think it was an impression.

Rob was filled with the spirit of giving and sent both Crowley and Jason some Star Wars Christmas ornaments:


Nov 2019

Ep. 85 - Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

This week the guys welcome Mike, the founder and head honcho at Ear Glue Media, to the show as he does our annual performance review while we talk about the next movie in our run up to the Rise of Skywalker; it's The Empire Strikes Back. We get a special visit from a caped crusader, Jason bans some phrases from ever being spoken on the show again, and Rob... does Rob stuff.

Bad Lip Reading's excellent Seagulls (Stop It Now) video:


Nov 2019

Ep. 83 - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

This week sees the gang reviewing the third and final movie in the Skywalker Saga prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith, as they run through all the movies leading up to The Rise of Skywalker. In this episode they explore the questionable decisions of the Jedi Council, are clone troopers just a disposable army, Crowley admits to having a raging hard-on episode eight (obviously his favorite since it gets him so excited), and Rob comes up with a really interesting theory on how Anakin actually wooed Padme.  We know, we were just as shocked as you are.

Sep 2019

Ep. 74 - 11.22.63 S01E07-08

This week the guys conclude their coverage of 11-22-63 with tales of poutine, a discussion about their breakfast drink of choice, James ponders 1960's handsome and Rob explores timeless love and time doctors.  

Check out the new episode of The Film Appraisers at

The brand spanking new Simply Stogies website is

Pluto is a Planet:

16 Psyche:


Nov 2018

Ep. 34 – OBSG – S01E08-09 – The Gun on Ice Planet Zero

In this episode Rob is back and we discuss the wintery mess that is this two part episode that crashed into a planet sized asteroid with a pump action laser cannon on top of a mountain. Links mentioned in the episode:

Nov 2018

Ep. 33 – OBSG – S01E06-07 – The Lost Warrior and The Long Patrol

In this week’s episode we discuss space westerns, spaced out warriors and space Irish.  These two episodes were a lot of wasted space.

Oct 2018

Ep. 32 – OBSG – S01E04-05 – Lost Planet of the Gods

In this episode, Rob is back while we discuss Glen Larson’s confusion between Greek and Egyptian mythology and we wax nostalgic on the choking hazards of 1970’s era toys, we mean, “collectible miniatures”.

Oct 2018

Ep. 31 – Original BSG (S01E01-03) – Saga of a Star World

In this week’s episode we discuss the old school Battlestar Galactica three episode starter that was released as a motion picture in Canadia.  We get a good look at some of the 1970’s tech that was cobbled together to create the futuristic craft of an advanced civilization, we talk about some questionable writing liberties and … Continue reading Ep. 31 – Original BSG (S01E01-03) – Saga of a Star World

Oct 2018

Ep. 30 – District 9 (2009)

In this week’s episode we discuss Neill Blomkamp’s piercing look into the dark heart of the human condition and what might be the only scenario where humanity would actually drop their pettiness over their superficial differences and treat each other as equals (which would be to replace those petty differences with an alien species); it’s … Continue reading Ep. 30 – District 9 (2009)

Oct 2018

Ep. 29 – Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

This week Rob is back to guest host with us and we discus Jon Favreau’s fun little summer sci-fi action flick with an all-star cast including Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig that sees a group of Old West frontier townsfolk square up against and alien horde with gold fever, it’s 2011’s Cowboys and … Continue reading Ep. 29 – Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Oct 2018

Ep. 28 – The Arrival (1996)

In this week’s episode we welcome guest host Rob with a truly awful film of R.I.P.D. proportions starring hot mess Charlie Sheen and that lady from Northern Exposure, it’s 1996’s The Arrival.

Sep 2018

Ep. 27 – The Running Man (1987)

This week’s sauced up episode we talk about the dystopian, reality TV fueled future/present starring everyone’s favorite beefcake Austrian, 1987’s The Running Man.  The parallels to modern day media and current events hit much closer to home than we think anyone would have imagined 30 years ago.  

Sep 2018

Ep. 26 – R.I.P.D. (2013)

This week we discuss and then desperately try to forget 2013’s wet fart of a movie starring future Deadpool, The Dude, and Mr. Six Degrees himself.  Please, take it from us, skip this movie.  We’ve suffered so you don’t have to.

Sep 2018

Ep. 25 – Alien (1979)

In this week’s episode we discuss Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic that launched a franchise and a crossover and made an indelible mark on sci-fi as a whole: Alien.

Aug 2018

Ep. 24 – Predator (1987)

In this week’s episode we reunite with our favorite musclebound Austrian in his attempt to go from hunted to hunter in the testosterone filled movie “Predator”.  Join us as we make excuses as to why the Predator is not very good at predation and discuss why a lot of sci-fi falls back to violence for … Continue reading Ep. 24 – Predator (1987)

Aug 2018

Ep. 23 – The Terminator (1984)

In this week’s episode we discuss the movie that launched a franchise, made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name and propelled James Cameron to superstar filmmaker status; it’s 1984’s The Terminator.

Aug 2018

Ep. 22 – They Live (1988)

In this week’s episode we talk about John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi discourse on Reaganomics starring everyone’s favorite bagpipe playing wrestler, They Live!  A movie depicting one of the longest, rawest and most notable fight scenes in a film, They Live is an in-your-face look at the excesses and commercialism that was rampant in the 80’s.

Aug 2018

Ep. 21 – Space: 1999 (Seasons 1 and 2)

In this week’s episode we discuss, and desperately try to forget, 1975’s British-Italian fuster-cluck of a sci-fi series, Space: 1999.  There was drinking involved, lots of drinking.

Aug 2018

Ep. 20 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

In this week’s episode we discuss Kubrick’s quintessential sci-fi masterpiece, small primates, deep probing and the concept of zero.

Jul 2018

Ep. 19 – RoboCop (1987)

In this week’s episode we discuss douche-baggery in power ties, old gas guzzlers and the practicality of shooting from the crotch.

Jul 2018

Ep. 18 – The Fifth Element (1997)

In this week’s episode we discuss Luc Besson’s sci-fi action space opera, Scotch vs. tequila, inertial dampening and nostalgia. As promised, the link to the video mentioned: and the pics: 

Jul 2018

Ep. 17 – The Final Countdown (1980)

In this week’s episode we discuss 1980’s Sci-fi US Navy recruitment film, quantum entanglement, Chester Cheetah’s Cheezy Ballz and the plural of anus.

Jul 2018

Ep. 16 – Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

In this week’s episode we discuss Roger Corman’s campy sci-fi cult classic inspired by Akira Kurisawa’s “Seven Samurai” and the western remake “The Magnificent Seven” starring John Boy, Colonel Hannibal, the Man in Black, a Designing Woman and Booberella.

Jun 2018

Ep. 15 – BSG – S01E13 – Kobol’s Last Gleaming Pt. 2

In this week’s episode we discuss magic tricks, old 1970’s children’s shows and foreshadowing.

Jun 2018

Ep. 14 – BSG – S01E12 – Kobol’s Last Gleaming Pt. 1

In this weeks episode we discuss golden thrones, the colossal mistake that is midi-chlorians and purple hippos.

Jun 2018

Ep. 13 – BSG – S01E11 – Colonial Day

In this week’s episode we discuss the quantum properties of firearm suppressors, Winston Churchill’s parentage and the merits of democracies while on the lam.

Jun 2018

Ep. 12 – BSG – S01E10 – The Hand of God

In this week’s episode we discuss touching helmets, old tabletop games and prophetic visionaries.

May 2018

Ep. 11 – BSG – S01E09 – Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

In this week’s episode we discuss wine pairings, the taste of dark matter and Gaius’ lack of coherent motivations.

May 2018

Ep. 10 – BSG – S01E08 – Flesh and Bone

In this week’s episode we discuss “enhanced interrogation” (torture by another name), the Adventures of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and his Amazing Friends, and what makes a human… human.

May 2018

Ep. 9 – BSG – S01E07 – Six Degrees of Separation

In this week’s episode we discuss the uselessness of Baltar, the mystery that is Kolob and Cottle’s magical smoking skills.