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Dec 2019

Ep. 87 - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

This week the guys welcome Joe from The Film Appraisers as they hit the first movie in the final trilogy of the Skywalker Saga in their run up to The Rise of Skywalker, 2015's The Force Awakens. They discuss the parentage of both Rey and Ben, Han's roguish charm and a few theories on why the story went down the path it did.

Check out The Film Appraisers at:


Dec 2019

Ep. 86 - Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)

This week the guys finish the Star Wars Original Trilogy as they discuss 1983's Return of the Jedi in their run up to The Rise of Skywalker. Rob brings podcast tin as he tries to shoehorn in 11.22.63 and Jeff Goldblum into the conversation, Crowley shows that he can feel all the feels as he discusses his Star Wars fandom, and Jason bleached his brain after this episode because of visions of a certain former baseball team owner in a bikini thanks to Crowley.

Nov 2019

Ep. 84 - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

This week the guys welcome Jonesy from The Cantina Cast as they dive into the first of the original trilogy on their run up to The Rise of Skywalker, it's 1977's Star Wars - A New Hope. James makes a case for forgetting the prequels never existed, there's a debate on whether or not Uncle Owen was a task master and Crowley and Rob make a cute couple.

Nov 2019

Ep. 82 - Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)

This week the guys welcome Jonesy from the Cantina Cast as they continue their run up to The Rise of Skywalker with their review of the second movie in the prequel trilogy, Attack of the Clones. Crowley is back and has a wild conspiracy theory about Yoda, Rob says highly inappropriate things and Jonesy mispronounces gif. 

Oct 2019

Ep. 81 - Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

This week Jason and Rob welcome Crowley from Bad Gamers Anonymous, who is standing in for a missing James, as they start their coverage of the Skywalker saga in the lead up to Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker with the prequel that begins the tale of an immaculate conception that promised to bring balance to the force but ended up throwing the entire franchise into chaos, it's 1999's The Phantom Menace. Crowley reacts to the Freddie Prinze Jr. video discussing Star Wars fandom, Jeff Goldblum is mentioned... again and becomes an expert on midichlorians and puppets.

Freddie Prinze Jr. vid:


Oct 2019

Ep. 80 - Starman (1984)

This week the guys talk about magic ben wa balls as they review the space romance movie from 1984, Starman. Rob reveals he knows pretty much nothing about sex and James drops a bombshell of an announcement.

Doogie Howser in Matrix 4 -

Man in the High Castle Trailer -

Catwoman Kravitz -


Oct 2019

Ep. 79 - Arrival (2016)

This week the crew explores the what if scenario of aliens coming down to earth to share their highly advanced language and the extremist reactions that would probably end humanity fairly quickly as they discuss 2016's Arrival. Rob reveals his vast lack of knowledge of basic anatomy, James denies reality and Jason insists he doesn't have a Jeff Goldblum hole.

3D Printed Beef -

Disney wants Spider-Man -

Captain Nog -


Oct 2019

Ep. 78 - Hanger 18 (1980)

This week the gang sifts through the remains of ancient aliens, digs through the murk of Oak Island, runs their fingers through the hair of Big Foot and tries to hide their secrets from the NSA as they piece together the real mystery of the modern era: how exactly did Hanger 18 get made?

For All Mankind -


Teleportation is a Thing -


Oct 2019

Ep. 77 - Interstellar (2014)

This week the guys dive into the black as they deliver podcast bronze (or is it lead) when they review 2014's Interstellar, discuss where corn tortillas come from and imagine Anne Hathaway with a beard.

Spider-Man on Hold -

Spider-Man Back on the Table -

Russia Doesn't need NASA Tech Support -


Sep 2019

Ep. 76 - Donnie Darko (2001)

This week the guys fall down another time travel rabbit hole as they review 2001's Donnie Darko, discuss the sex habits of Smurf village, Rob cracks the code on the link between Back to the Future and Donnie Darko and James gives us a deeper look into standardized corn tests.

UFOs are real -

New Battlestar Show -

NASA Tech Support Part 2 -

Sep 2019

Ep. 75 - Primer (2004)

This week the guys have to deal with time travel (and Rob's subsequent erection) as they breakdown 2004's Primer while trying to understand just what they spent an hour and fifteen minutes watching. 

India's Tech Support -

Mummy 4 / Tank Girl -

Hailee Steinfeld Hawkeye -

Sep 2019

Ep. 73 - 11.22.63 S01E05-06

This week the guys marvel at Rob's newly found insights, James has some equipment issues, Rob and James try to gauge just how into Jeff Goldblum Jason is and they slog through two more episodes of 11.22.63.

Suicide Squad Nathan Fillion:


Jeff Goldblum:


Agents of Shield Hayley Atwell:


Aug 2019

Ep. 72 - 11.22.63 S01E03-04

This week the gang continues their coverage of 11.22.63 as James posits an alternative genre for the series, Rob reveals his maple syrup preferences and consumption methods, James gushes over Metallica and Rob ponders drinking bath water.

The Matrix 4 is the movie nobody asked for -

Elon Musk wants to declare war on Mars -

Hendricks hand modeling -


Aug 2019

Ep. 71 - 11.22.63 S01E01-02

This week the guys talk about Jason's real name, Rob's racy tardigrade image collection, and start their discussion on the time travelling adventures of Jake Epping based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, 11.22.63.

Jonathan Frakes talks "Picard":

Tardigrades are everywhere:


Aug 2019

Ep. 70 - Men in Black (1997)

In this week's episode the guys dig into one of the most iconic sci-fi films of the 1990's, Men in Black... for about 10 minutes. Then it's all Will Smith, all the time! Who thinks Will Smith is overrated and who thinks he's top tier?  Find out in this special Will Smith edition of Smoking and Drinking in Space!

Will Smith

Star Trek Discover and Picard series are synching up:

Sex Robot -

Jul 2019

Ep. 69 - Earth Girls are Easy (1988)

This week the guys channel their inner twelve year-old selves as James and Rob suggest future titles and giggle about boobs, Jason reveals a hidden crush and they push through the pain that was caused by watching Earth Girls are Easy.

French Army -

Jul 2019
Jul 2019
Jul 2019

Ep. 66 - The Man in the High Castle - S01E05-06 - The New Normal and Three Monkeys

This week continues our coverage of the Man in the High Castle, James shares a painful loss, Rob is still striking out in the bedroom and we have a special announcement!

You can now nickels our way at

We also have merch!

Netflix is pulling tobacco use depictions from some shows:

Jul 2019

Ep. 65 - The Man in the High Castle - S01E03-04 - The Illustrated Woman and Revelations

In this week's episode the guys talk about alternative uses for peanut butter, Rob's sex life (or lack thereof) and musically inspired whiskey.  Oh, and there is some The Man in the High Castle talk in there, too.

Mars keeps getting more anatomically correct:

Paul Rudd on Ghostbusters:

Spider-man Into the Spider-verse is on Netflix:


Jun 2019

Ep. 64 - The Man in the High Castle - S01E01-02 - The New World and Sunrise

This week starts our coverage of Amazon's series based off of Phillip K Dicks alternate history novel that depicts a world where World War II went in a very different direction and its aftermath, it's The Man in the High Castle.  Rob has some technical difficulties, James threatens Rob with testicular violence and Jason can't seem to spit out aftermath. 

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek to star in sci-fi movie Bliss:

Good Omens:

NASA Hacked:

Avengers Endame Rerelease:

Mark Hamill trolls the Internet:

New Stranger Things trailer is out:

Jun 2019
Jun 2019
Jun 2019

Ep. 61 - Serenity (2005)

This week we conclude our coverage of the Firefly saga with the Joss Whedon written and directed movie Serenity and also discuss James' dislike for anything good which includes Monty Python and Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. 

Live action Akira has its director and it is Taika Waititi:

Terminator: Dark Fate -

Gollum Singing Time After Time -

May 2019

Ep. 60 - Firefly - S01E13-14 - Heart of Gold and Objects in Space

In this week's episode, Jason, James and Ralph (Rob) wrap up the Firefly TV series as they discuss iLaser Guns and their awful battery life, one dimensional villains modeled after other one dimensional villains and Rob wants to go to Bovine University when he grows up.

Disney now controls Hulu, next, the world:


Tyri-On tries to negotiate at the Red City:


A new Firefly graphic novel focusing on the women-folk:


Picard series teaser:


May 2019

Ep. 59 - Firefly - S01E10-12 - War Stories, Trash and The Message

It's a triple header this week as we creep ever closer to the end of the Firefly series. Not only that, but this episode is a very special (as in after school special) episode because James cracks into a bottle of rum from a local distillery and takes on the drinking duties for this week.

I am Mother trailer:

Mr. Fantastic got a face lift:

May 2019

Ep. 58 - Firefly - S01E08-09 - Out of Gas and Ariel

This week the guys continue their time travelling quabbles and their coverage of Firefly with an in depth discussion of Spanish word pronunciation, porn 'staches and mall walking horror villains.

A high school in New Jersey put on a theatrical production of Alien and Sigourney Weaver came to congratulate them:

Chaos Walking is so bad it's not releasable:

May 2019
May 2019

Ep. 56 - Firefly - S01E04-05 - Shindig and Safe

In this week's episode, Jason, James and Rob continue their ride through the space western that was taken from the world far too early where it's discovered that James has never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  

Yale scientists made zombie pig brains:

Dark Phoenix:


Apr 2019

Ep. 55 - Firefly S01E02-03 - The Train Job and Bushwacked

This week Jason, James and Rob discuss  episodes two and three of the space western that steals your medicine but gives it back and then steals all your dinner trays instead, it's Joss Whedon's Firefly. 

Lots of Robotech stuff in anticipation of live action movie (wondercon panel):